Radical Spirit: 12 Ways to Live a Free and Authentic Life by Joan Chittister is about humility and what it means to live a more humble and authentic life. The Benedictine spirituality is the foundation of this book. Some parts I had a difficult time relating to, but overall, the message was easy to understand, even convicting.

Humility is not our culture’s biggest asset or our most desired character quality.  A character of humility has to be cultivated in good soil and this allows other Christ-like characteristics to bear good fruit. We are known by our fruits after all.

Chittister explains the twelve steps of humility are an invitation to freedom. From these twelve steps we are finally authentic and fully free, totally authentic and driven by the Holy Spirit.

Recognize that God is God

Know that God’s will is best for you.

Seek direction from wisdom figures.

Endure the pains of development and do not give up.

Acknowledge faults and strip away the masks.

Be content with less than the best..

Let go of false sense of self.

Preserve tradition and learn from the community.


Never ridicule anyone or anything.

Speak kindly.

Be serene, stay calm.

Do these steps of humility define your life? The list feels exhausting, but this is the life we’re called to live.

Acknowledging faults and stripping away masks is the step that resonated with me most. Mostly because transparency and authenticity is very important to me, especially in my spiritual life. As a follower of Christ, everything is spiritual because He is everywhere!

I recommend Radical Spirit if you want to grow spiritually in the above areas.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.