Sometimes we have to go through the hardest things in life and lose hope to fully see things from a different perspective. We have to lose something or someone close to us for us to fully understand God’s plan and purpose in our lives. We know ourselves better than anyone. We know our emotions, what makes us tick, how we feel, how we think, what hurts us and what makes us happy. It’s ironic when the very things that hurt us, are the very things we run to. We run towards the things in life that cause us the most hurt and fill our hearts with doubt and uncertainty. We’re imperfect people. We make mistakes. We say things in the moment without really thinking them through and we hurt others with our words and our actions.

We’re flawed, we’re emotional, bitter, filled with self-doubt, self-conscious, conflicted, angry, etc. All these things define us on some level because we have all experienced unhappiness at some point in our life. We walk around in life wondering if we’re ever going to experience what happiness is and if we’re lucky enough to find it.  Ironically, when God places someone or something in our life that brings us the happiness we’ve spent our entire lives searching for, what do we do? We question it, we take it for granted, and inevitably, we run away from it.

The same can be said about our relationship with God.  God is the only person that can ever truly bring us the happiness and peace we want most in this life. But, let’s be honest, sometimes God isn’t enough. God should always be enough, but sometimes we need more. Sometimes there is a hole too big in our life that God can’t fill. There is this emptiness in our lives that even in our brightest moments, we will feel alone and forgotten.  We question His actions, take Him for granted, and inevitably we run away from Him, and the hole in our life grows larger and the emptiness gets stronger.

Crushed by the weight of your sorrow, there is nowhere left.
Trying to fight the might in the darkness, and weaken all love.
But it’s hidden from your face

We have to stop playing the victim and really see what is going on in our life that prevents us from being happy and being closer to God. Is there something about us that prevents us from experiencing happiness, or is it the people and things we choose to surround ourselves with? God puts everyone in our life for a reason and He allows those same people to hurt us for a reason. Every relationship we have with others is a test of our faith. God isn’t the reason our relationships fail, we are and we are the reason our relationship with Him fails. We are in control of our life, what we do, how we act, what we say, and whether we choose to have God in our life.

We deserve to be happy and we deserve the world, but God has already given us everything we deserve. We have to want it and we have to fight for it. We need to stop being selfish and wanting things in this life that we expect others to give us. People in this world cannot fulfill our lives the way God can. Only God can truly lift us up and heal us when we are broken. That hole in our heart that we feel is the place in our hearts that only God can fill. When we truly open ourselves and our heart to God, something within us changes. When we truly believe and have faith, God will exceed our expectations.  People in this world will only disappoint us because we expect things from them that they do not want to give. Not because they are incapable, but because they don’t want to. God wants us to depend on Him. He is the only person that is capable of providing the happiness we want in life. He is the hope for better relationships, a better tomorrow, and a better life.

God will never turn His back on us and He would never intentionally hurt us. When we have been through it all and are too broken to stand, God is the only one that can help us back up and stand taller than ever. He is our strength and hope in our time of need. If we believe that, deep within, we’re safe, we’re saved. 

Hold on to faith, hold on to love,
Hold on to who you are.
You’re not alone, don’t lose sight,
We will rise above.

We are the breath of life,
Our hope remains

Psalm 94:19

19 In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul.