Weekly Rewind

Weekly Rewind: Less is More, Egg Shell Relationships, & Pretty Views

This week was a bit better than last. I got rid of a lot of crap and walked into a new work week with a different mindset. It’s still a work in progress though. There’s a lot going on but I’m working through it, one day at a time. With that aside, this week has been chalk full of valuable lessons and sometimes those lessons come through in unlikely places.

Less is more

Earlier this week I went through 20+ years of stuff and either tossed it or threw it in a bag to donate. You don’t realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years until it’s in 6+ bags on your bedroom floor. This process of going through stuff and deciding what needed to be kept, donated, or thrown out was both cathartic and nostalgic. There’s something comforting about starting over, but starting over with less stuff. Most of the stuff I’ve collected over the years were things I never needed to begin with.

All the stuff I’ve collected over the years was taking up unnecessary space. Much like the baggage we carry that takes up unnecessary space in our hearts. If we’re not careful, it will pile up. There are still some things I need to sort through and decide whether to toss it, donate it, or keep it. I’m going to use better judgement with future purchases and other aspects of my life moving forward.

Egg shell relationships

I’ve noticed the stronger my boundaries, the greater the conflict. I’m not really sure where the discord happened, but it’s there and it’s palpable. My pastor recently posted a series of posts that said exactly what I’ve been thinking for the past month. I love him because he shoots the truth to you straight. He doesn’t beat around the bush or walk on egg shells. I’m this way and I’m learning this part of myself isn’t accepted, let alone respected.

I think it’s important to figure out the health of our relationships daily. Where are these people at in their life? It’s important to ask the hard stuff but also not put up with their crap. If the relationships in our life can’t handle the hard stuff, hard truths, hard conversations, then give them a season of space to figure stuff out and get those areas right again. I’m learning to just give people space to be with themselves.

Egg shell relationships are okay in the beginning but as we grow and change, we need thicker skin. Thicker skin to handle the hard parts about allowing someone else into our space. Being transparent and vulnerable about our weaknesses as we continue to keep each other in our life.  We need to know unnecessary drama or conflict won’t divide us.

It takes thick skin to have a soft heart.

Do you have someone in your life you always have to walk on egg shells with? 

Song of the Week: “Next to Me” by Imagine Dragons

I’ve been a fan of Imagine Dragons for a couple of years. They’re hit or miss with me. But I was listening to their newest album recently and came across this song and it’s stuck with me. Mostly because it says exactly what I’ve been feeling for over a year now. I think we all want that someone who can love us despite the messiest parts of ourselves. Someone who can see past all the crap and see the pretty view despite a shattered past. They really see us and still want and love us. 

For those in my life who still love me despite the ugly parts of me, thank you for taking a chance on me.


Oh, I always let you down
You’re shattered on the ground
But still I find you there
Next to me
And oh, stupid things I do
I’m far from good, it’s true
But still I find you
Next to me (next to me)
There’s something about the way that you always see the pretty view
Overlook the blooded mess, always lookin’ effortless
And still you, still you want me
I got no innocence, faith ain’t no privilege
I am a deck of cards, vice or a game of hearts
And still you, still you want me
Until next week.
In Jesus and with love,

Weekly Rewind: AMERICA, A Quiet Place, and Wounds As Deep As the Sea

I haven’t written anything of substance in a while. It’s been a very busy month. I gave a presentation two weeks ago in front of people, something I haven’t done since college. There was a lot of preparation leading up to that moment and I found out last week, I’ll be doing it again sometime this summer. I’ve been asking God for the past year to get me out of my comfort zone, He’s definitely answered my prayer in this area. Looking forward to more opportunities to grow and learn.

All that aside, I decided to do something a little different with this space of mine and recap my week. I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging again. I write everyday, but I haven’t really posted in a while. I’ve been trying to stay off screens and get out more. Every Sunday for the past two months, I’ve taken a social media Sabbath. I don’t login to social media at all. It’s been a refreshing break and it’s been a good way to reset before starting a new work week.

Not going to lie, this week has been terrible. It seems every year around this time, things start falling apart and blowing itself out of proportion. Mostly in my interpersonal relationships. One relationship has remained constant though and for that I’m thankful. Without this person’s friendship, I’d probably be buried somewhere. Whatever I’m going through, whatever I’m feeling or however I’m being, they’re always there.  Thank you, you know who you are.

There were a few highlights though over the past week, here’s a recap:

Song of the Week: Great Wide Open by Thirty Seconds to Mars

I’ve followed Thirty Seconds to Mars for about 16 years. Hard to believe they’ve been around this long, but I’ve been a long time fan.  They recently released their newest album, AMERICA. it’s not like their others. Most of the songs on the album are good, but Great Wide Open hits close to home for me.

Is this life?
That we’re living
Say the prayers of a thousand tongues
Is this love?
Some new beginning
Or a night in our wildest dreams
Into the great wide open
Across a land of blood and dreams
I will save your heart from breaking
Won’t you stop, please
Set me free
I swear to god
I’m the devil
Raise your hands to the sky and praise
I’m a thief
You’re a liar
But we live in our wildest dreams
Movie of the Week: A Quiet Place
I’m a big horror movie fan and A Quiet Place was a very different movie for the horror movie genre. Mostly because of how little dialogue happens in it which is what makes it truly brilliant. I went into it with mixed feelings, but it didn’t disappoint. I cried. It currently has a 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes and I would agree its score is accurate.
 Your father will protect you. Your father will always protect you.
 Scripture of the Week: Lamentations 2
Lamentations 2 has been a pretty significant scripture for me over the past year. Specifically, verse 13. Verse 13 reads, “Your wound is as deep as the sea. Who can heal you?” I saw this scripture a lot in October-November 2017. For some reason God kept circling me back to this scripture repeatedly. It was actually annoying because I didn’t understand why. I kept asking God to reveal it, I reached out to biblical minded friends for their input, but nothing. Eventually God left it alone. But then in December 2017, I had a dream about this scripture before God lead me there on my own a few days later. In the dream someone from my past actually said, “Your wounds are deep Julie, let God heal you.” Needless to say, it freaked me the hell out. I haven’t seen it since then, but this week, I was lead to this scripture twice.
Why is this scripture significant? 
From experience, I can tell you any wounds from our past that aren’t confronted or dealt with can spread like wildfire and those closest to us will get burned.
I’m in the fire now because someone in my life hasn’t dealt with their past pain. For what it’s worth, I’ve been there and know what it feels like to have those closest to you, people you love hurt and disappoint you. However, I choose everyday not to remain stuck in past hurts. Nothing from our past can hurt our present unless we allow it.
Pay attention to what’s going on inside you and resolve those wounds from your past because things not confronted will project themselves onto other people.
Some of the greatest lessons of my life came from my deepest wounds and hurts. 
 He’s healing mine, let Him heal yours.
Until next week.
In Jesus and with love,