About a month ago, our office had to evacuate because the motor in the staff elevator burned and almost caught on fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt and everyone evacuated safely until the smoke cleared. When the fire alarm went off, the only thing I thought about was to grab my friend and get out of the building. I left all my stuff (cell phone, purse, etc) behind.

This got me thinking about the value in friendship and how important the people are to me in my life. So important, I was willing to risk my own life to save theirs.

I’m not saying all this for a pat on the back. I don’t need that kind of validation. I’m not even saying this to brag. In that moment, it really put in perspective for me how important people are to me more than possessions.

When we are willing to give up all we have for others, there is no greater love than this. 

We can spend a great deal of time chasing things that don’t really matter in the long-run or slowing down enough to focus on things that do. What this really means is putting God and others first before ourselves. Now, don’t get this twisted and think self-care at times isn’t important. It so is. Taking care of ourselves is important, but always looking out for number one will eventually leave us lonely.

Real love means doing hard things but as I’m growing in the knowledge and understanding of God’s love for me, loving other people gets easier.

Laying our life down for each other is the most selfless thing we can ever do.

Will you lay your life down too?