How’s Your Soul? by Judah Smith was a good book to start 2017 with.  The inside us is more important than the outside us and Judah explores this idea throughout this book. There were a lot of things I nodded in agreement with and this will more than likely be a book I revisit again throughout the year. I can’t say though this is in my Top 5 favorites but it’s still early.

At the end of 2016 and even now I wrestle with the inside me more than the outside. I think it’s important sometimes to ask ourselves what’s going on inside us and rather than ask people, “How are you?” we should instead ask them and ourselves, “How’s your/my soul?” This question will definitely change the way we connect with God and other people.

The chapter that really resonated with most with me was “Is Love God or Is God Love?” This is the only chapter I had to read more than once.  Judah explores one of my favorite scripture verses on love.

Roofs Without Skylights

Love is a roof and a cover. Love protects, shields, and conceals the weaknesses of others. This doesn’t mean we ignore sin; it means we don’t use people’s faults and failures to expose or shame them. We publicly cover them and privately restore them with the goal of bringing about health in their lives. 

Some people are roofs, but they have a lot of skylights. Skylight Christians have good hearts, but they are exposers, not coverers. They build skylights into every conversation because somehow the fact that they have the scoop makes them feel better about themselves. We don’t have to do that though. We can be so secure in God’s love and our identity that we don’t have to give people glimpses into other people’s business. We can be a safe place for hurting people, a place where they can find unconditional love and support – both public and private – while they get back on their feet.

This was by far the best chapter of How’s Your Soul? It made me evaluate my life, my friends, and how I talk of hurtful people and situations. Let me just say this is an area I’m not perfect with. When I’m hurting, I pray, I write, I vent. But I’m learning how to navigate and process my hurt without being bitter or resentful … or both.

I recommend this book if the inside you needs some repairing.

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