Jesus Over Everything by Clayton Jennings wasn’t my favorite read of 2016.  I first heard about Clayton Jennings earlier in the year so I was excited about his new book. I don’t follow Clayton on social media but some of my friends do. He’s very popular among the Christian community and he made that very obvious throughout his book. He talked about his many followers on social media quite often through each chapter which was my biggest annoyance with this read.

Apart from that, I had a very difficult time connecting with most of this book. There were a few parts I agreed with but most of it were hit and miss. I will say though, I admire and respect Clayton’s passion and heart for Jesus. To his credit, he’s young and attractive. Most of the attention throughout Jesus Over Everything was on Clayton, not Jesus.

Opinion aside, I think this book will resonate with the younger generation who are early in their walk with Christ. I read a lot of books this year and Jesus Over Everything didn’t have the depth I was looking for.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.