“Don’t put your trust in mere humans.
    They are as frail as breath.
    What good are they?” – Isaiah 2:22 (NLT)

In most areas of our life, we need to trust the Lord, not people. 

I’ve been hurt a lot so trusting people lately is difficult.  I’ve said this repeatedly over the past few weeks as I’ve been having a difficult time trusting not only the Lord, but also questioning whether or not some things are in alignment with His will or if I’m leaning on my own understanding instead of His. I think it’s a mixture of all these things.

This morning’s verse reminded me not only do I need to trust in the Lord and Him alone, but I also need to pay attention to how much I’m relying on other people to do what only God can. 

I know God is working in my life, it’s pretty obvious. I won’t sit here and deny it, I can’t.  But, God wants me to trust Him and Him only.  People are limited and unreliable. God is faithful, and is the same yesterday, today, and forever; unchanging.

Today, I’m choosing to trust Him above everything and everyone else.

Will you?

photo credit: The Ridgeway Path via photopin (license)