I had the honor of guest posting for a good friend and fellow writer, Jeremy Riley. Jeremy is passionate about writing and has inspired me to pursue my passion in writing as well. One thing I’ve always respected and admired about Jeremy is how he always follows through, he’s consistent, and never gives up.  I’m grateful we’ve crossed paths and honored to be featured on his blog today!

I have a confession:

I used to hate reading the Bible.

I never understood why reading the Word was so important. It seemed more like a chore than a commitment. I never approached the Word with passion and zeal, but with fearful restraint. What I didn’t know then God has since revealed to me now.

God has revealed to me His Word has the power to transform our heart and renew our minds. When we’re burdened, worried, or afraid, God’s Word has the power to focus our attention where it belongs; on His truth. 

Spending intimate time with God and reading His Word has been both challenging and convicting. It’s been in His Word I’ve been set free from a 16 year addiction, learned the healing power of forgiveness, and how one simple of act of obedience can transform our life. I had to face many obstacles and trials to get to this point in my life. I hit rock bottom, stayed in my sinful pit, and cursed and damned the Lord for putting me there. I ran from my problems, hid my sins, and lied to myself and others.

I was a mess. 

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