I wonder sometimes if we’re really afraid or if we think we are. A few nights ago while in prayer, I asked God to convict me in areas where I’m afraid. I started replaying every moment in my life where I doubted whether I was capable and I looked at how far God brought me to now. Fear is crippling and burdens to a point of inaction. I should know because I thought of areas in my life when I failed to act. And what I found is I’ve been lying to myself for the majority of my life.

I’m not really afraid and if you think about it hard enough, neither are you.

I’m guessing someone at one point in your life made you doubt whether you would accomplish anything in your life. Maybe this someone was someone very close to you who forced you into a lie you’d never amount to anything. For me, it were both my parents at different points in my life. I replay every word exchanged when I’d come home with all A’s in High School, and comments were made either about my weight or purpose. Each time made me feel utterly worthless. This rejection forced me to crawl within myself and lose my sense of worth.

Until almost two years ago. 

When I rededicated my life to Christ, everything inside me changed. I feel more motivated. Everything inspires me. And it forces me to step out of my place of comfort and act. When God speaks to me and I hear His voice, He tells me repeatedly to step out of my comfort zone. He reminds me faith without works is dead. He reminds me of everyone in this broken world who are hurting and He wants me to reach out. I act, I reach out —  baby steps.

And it forces me to abandon the lie I’m afraid.

Do we realize how capable we are? You know, it’s easy to get on our social media platforms and scream at people to act, to do, and to stop being afraid. What people really need to hear is they are capable of doing anything and that fear isn’t inside them like they think.

Fear isn’t in any of us, it’s a lie. 

Because I’m sure with enough support and encouragement, we’d accomplish more than we think we’re afraid to. When this lie creeps in those fragile places of your beautiful heart, remember: You are capable.

Let this TRUTH sink in.

What are you afraid of?

photo credit: Frodrig via photopin cc