Lately, I’ve been thinking about how I’ve allowed other people to influence my life. I’ve had the overwhelming opportunity to connect with so many different people in the past year. I’ve sat  in awe at the beautiful way God brings people together in His perfect timing. He knows what we need and when. It’s amazing. But, I’ve also noticed something about me I’m willing to admit.

I jumped on every bandwagon of Christianity because it looked and sounded attractive in that moment.

Whatever it was I re-tweeted, liked, or through scanning other blogs has in its own way made me lose my own voice. I’m still trying to figure out who I am. We’re all searching for our voice, our reason for being, our identity. And I know what others will say. I’ve said it too. “Your identity should be rooted and found in Christ.” I believe that, but the problem with this statement is it’s expressed momentarily.

Finding our identity in Christ is a process.

And in the mean time, we find who we think we are through other people. Because they’re popular. They have a message that resonates with you. It’s attractive. Everyone ‘agrees’ with it because the desire to be popular and accepted is an easy cover than being vulnerable and authentic.

I’ve fallen in this trap. To agree and believe other people for the sake of merit instead of embracing who we already are, does ourselves an injustice. To believe I’m this wonderful woman of God and  have all my crap together would make me a fraud. Because I don’t. I’m not. I struggle everyday. 

I’ve let the influence and voice of others crowd my own.  Now it’s merely an echo.

I’ve lost my identity and I’m taking it back. I’m learning to break past every barrier of influence I’ve allowed to stand in my way and focus on the person I already am. I’m no longer boxed in by influence but learning to love who I am.

Love who you are. 

Give yourself wiggle room to learn and grow.

Embrace your humanness.

Don’t let someone’s influence box you in.

I’m only one voice in a million but you ain’t taking that from me

Who’s influencing you?

photo credit: tantek via photopin cc