Sometimes you come across a song that literally takes your breath away, this week’s song does that. This week’s song is “Creature” by Penny and Sparrow. I found this band thanks to a book I am currently reading “Heroes and Monsters” by Josh Riebock. If you haven’t come across this book or know of it, get your hands on it. It’s probably one of the best memoirs I’ve ever read and I’m not even finished with the book. Penny and Sparrow wrote a song for the book and that’s how I stumbled across this week’s song. “Creature” is short and simple but the lyrics speak volumes.

Life alone makes me shake, if I die before I wake

Every drop that I bleed, it’s a gift You give me

Life is uncertain and short.  We take the smallest things for granted, like air in our lungs.  Every breath we take is a gift from God.  Every drop Jesus bled was a gift for our salvation.  

Let me spend my skin on You

Kiss me, whisper, make me new

I’m a creature for Your love (x4)

We long for intimacy and connection, but true intimacy and connection is between us and Christ.  We’re creatures with one purpose; Jesus.  It was finished on the cross and we are new creations in Christ.  Our purpose is love.

 On the day You come home

 Look at You and Your throne

 Every joy I’ve seen is waste when I touch Your gorgeous face

 I’m a creature for Your love (x4)

On the day of our eternal rest, we will understand everything we’ve been through was incomparable to Jesus’ love for us. We will look Him in His eyes and understand that true joy was and is only found in Him. We are creatures for His love.

I’m a new creation learning to love.