This week’s song is “The Unwinding Cable Car” by Anberlin.  I first heard Anberlin sometime in late 2006 and when their album “Cities” was released, I remember having the album on repeat for hours at a time. Tonight this song resonates with heavily and really for a majority of the week. Earlier in the week I posted Emotionally Unstable & Finding Stability, and this song pretty much sums up those thoughts perfectly.

Emotive unstable you’re like an unwinding cable car
Listening for voices, but it’s the choices that make us who we are
Go your own way, even seasons have changed just burn those new leaves over
So self-absorbed you’ve seemed to ignore the prayers that have already come about

My emotions have been very unstable this week, unwinding and spiraling out of control. I kept listening to lies the enemy was trying to force feed into my mind making me believe they were true that I chose momentarily to tune out the voice of reason; God’s voice.  I chose to tune out what I know in my heart is true and that’s God’s word. It is our choices that make us who we are and when we are led by our emotions we are choosing to let the enemy win. It was easy for me this week to be so self-absorbed in my problems that I was forgetting to pay attention to what was going on around me. I was neglecting God’s presence and the unbelievable way He has answered every single prayer this week and continuously blesses me when I don’t deserve it.

This is the correlation of salvation and love 
(Don’t drop your arms)
Don’t drop your arms, I’ll guard your heart
With quiet words I’ll lead you in

That is the selfless way God loves and saves us. By God’s salvation we are saved  and He quietly leads us back where we belong, in His grace. God has us right where He wants us and He is guarding every part of who we are; our hearts and our minds. Every part of our life is in His control.

Backing away from the problem of pain you never had a home
You’ve been misguided, you’re hiding in shadows for so very long
Don’t you believe that you’ve been deceived that you’re no better than… 
The hair in your eyes, it never disguised what you’re really thinking of


I am not going to lie and say I’m not hurting right now because I am. However, it is through my hurt and in the pain that I find healing in Christ. He is my comfort, He is home. It’s easy for me to try and hide behind my mask of brokenness and blow off my feelings like they’re nothing. That’s foolish and it’s deceptive. All of us are broken and we can only disguise it for so long before it starts to tear us down, layer by broken layer. 

You’re so brilliant, don’t soon forget
You’re so brilliant, grace marked your heart

Whatever you’re going through right now, know you’re not alone. You’re brilliant in the eyes of God because by His grace you are saved and protected. His grace is sufficient and it sustains us through our brokenness and our unstable emotions. It’s easy at times to forget the incomparable way God loves us and works in our life. He always comes through and by His grace, His power is made perfect in our weaknesses. When we are at our lowest, that is when God does His best work in us.

Grace marked your heart (With quiet words I’ll lead you in and out of the dark)

God always rescues us from our darkest times. It was in my lowest point in life that God saved me. He led me into His light and out of darkness. His grace is sufficient to sustain through the darkest times that seem prevalent right now.
With quiet words I’ll lead you in

God quietly led me where I always needed to be, in the heart of grace.