Music is therapeutic.  In the past few months I have been introduced to different genres of music and bands. I have started branching out and discovering that any music that glorifies God, speaks to the soul, or says everything that you wish you could in lyrics that can’t be expressed in words, is therapeutic.

Every Saturday I have decided to highlight the “Song of the Week.” The songs I choose each week are going to range in genre and content.   My music preference and style has always been eclectic.  Meaning you won’t see the same band or genre each week.

These are songs that I have listened to on repeat daily and I feel they should be shared.

My love is music  I will marry melody 

This week’s song is “Where You Go I Go” by Jesus Culture.  I stumbled across them in my Twitter timeline and have been hooked since.  This particular song has resonated a lot with me this week.

God is always good.

When the world around us is broken,  He is always good and He’s always there. We can’t make it in this world without Him.  When the world soon forgets who Jesus is and what He did, we wont.  We can’t.  When He dwells so deeply in us, we won’t be shaken.

Every move that Jesus made was in surrender and we can’t live without Him.