Today’s post is written by Jason North.  Jason is a follower in Christ who seeks to spread the gospel through not only words, but action. Prior to turning his life to Christ, like many of us, Jason lived a life of rebellion, hypocrisy, and self-seeking pleasures.  However, through Christ he has been redeemed and transformed to a Man that not only follows Christ, but seeks to serve him in all areas of his life. Jason currently resides in Texas and in his spare time enjoys playing the drums, listening to music, and reading the Bible.

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Do you know your value? Do you see you for who and what you are?

 Do you recognize yourself in the scope of eternity?

 Are you resting your eyes and thoughts on what mankind has created?

 Buildings. Gadgets. Music. Worldly ideas and ‘wisdom’; what are they?

 We have created much, but what have you created within yourself?

 Are you aware of how you affect the world around you; your family and friends?

 Are you living for yourself, separated from what’s bigger than you?


Have you asked yourself these questions before?

If not, it’s time to ask these questions.

If you have, then you know there’s only one answer.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? This whole faith thing. This whole forgiveness thing. We try to describe it. We try to make it a concept that people can swallow and understand.

We try to tell people that they need to die to self, setting it aside so that they can be born anew and we try reflect in our deeds what’s rooted in our hearts.

We attempt to put into words what can only be experienced.

The unbeliever can strive for ‘salvation’, but doesn’t feel or experience anything different, even after years of searching…

… because the responsibility lies in the heart of the individual. And we are inherently broken and fallen things. To become renewed from that brokenness is to know Christ. To know Christ to be renewed.

This is the bottom line. The Big Kahuna.

Once the individual knows she’s been forgiven…

…that the old has become pure and new…

… that she didn’t have to work for it

…that Jesus, by God, went the extra mile for humanity, that He provided the raw stuff needed for us to become all that God has called us to be from before time…

…that in the end all people from all religions, belief systems and philosophies, will bow at the feet of Jesus…

…then she can come from the pain and brokenness and transform to be in His likeness and to be co-creators with God himself, instruments of His creative power.

What else is needed? Nothing.

Have you known a person that was living in sin, but was saved by the knowledge of Christ?

I wish some of you could have known me before I re-dedicated my life to Christ a couple years ago.

If you’ve ever wanted to get mad at a perfect example of a hypocrite, I was him.

My self-serving ambitions were pale in comparison only by my rebellion; to my family, friends, and God foremost. Worst of all, I could still put on a lying front like I was squeaky-clean. But, everybody could see through it, except for me.

If you’ve ever had questions about your purpose; questions about what this “Jesus thing” is really about [without the mega-churches, judgment and shallow-mindedness], then ask questions to a Christ-follower that has a testimony.

Seek out the experience of someone that’s wholeheartedly surrendered to Jesus.

Ask him where he came from, where he’s going, and who he credits for propelling him there. His response should simply be – Jesus. Perhaps then you’ll know your real value in Christ’s eyes [the only ones that matter]. Perhaps then you’ll understand what Jesus did for you.

If you don’t know God, then start to pursue Him today. When you’re ready, after you’ve recognized how broken you are, how fallen you are in God’s eyes, but how much He expects of you, then surrender to Him.  Your life depends on it.

Titus 2:14

Jesus Christ, 14 who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good.